Universal Travel Corporation

We at UTC are a team of dedicated, passionate adventurers who love nothing more than to share our love of exotic trips all around the world with both our friends and you, our clients. We have been providing trips to exotic locales since (insert year) and will continue to do so, improving our services year after year and expanding our list of destinations s that we can bring you along with us! We hope to let you see as much of the world as possible by travelling to exotic locations, and we promise you’ll have a whale of a time if you go to those places with us. We’ve taken many to places like (insert locale) and we hope to bring you to these places too! We’re fun, experienced and you can be assured of a safe, easy, great trip if you join us on one (or more) of our packages! Afterall, we’ve been doing this for 43 years, changing our destinations along with the happenings all over the world. We brought people to East Berlin after the Berlin Wall fell, and we’re excited to think about America and North Korea after the Trump-Kim Summit!

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14 November 1973 (Wednesday)
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101 Upper Cross Street #B1-66, People’s Park Centre, Singapore

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