Sakura Holidays

We pride ourselves as “Your Friendly, Personal Holiday Planner.” Customer service and Customer satisfaction is the key to our survival. As such, we do not cancel and inconvenienced our customers simply because a group size cannot be materialized. Furthermore, we strongly believe that tour itineraries must be flexible to accommodate the differing needs of individual customers rather than consumers conforming to a specific itinerary imposed by a group tour. Therefore, 95% of our itineraries are based on a minimum group size of 2 as we are able to utilize the sit-it-coach transfers and day or extended day tours to complement their travelling experience. The management also takes a very strong position in enriching the holiday experience of our customers and we work continuously to research, develop and market new experiences. At Sakura Holidays, we will go the extra mile to create that unique Holiday Experience.

Date Incorporation Registration:
20 September 1991 (Friday)
Registration Number:

SINGAPORE (189702)