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You are all prepared for your holiday. You have the dates blocked out. You have coordinated your schedules with your travel partner. You are so prepared. But…there is too much to do on your own after this! The plane tickets. The accommodation. The itinerary! It is all too much. So why not let CS travel take care of it all? CS Travel has a good reputation for providing safe, well-priced and hassle-free holidays, so that you can be assured of a good time both before and during your holiday. With over thirty choices of countries to go to, ranging from tours in Beijing and Taiwan all the way to Scandinavia and Greece, there is definitely something for everyone. A frequently asked question is “How do you remain in competition with so many big players when you are a relatively small company?”. The answer is simple – we focus on providing only the best customer service! We pride ourselves on providing the best overall experience, which, of course, includes customer service. So very simple but so often neglected in this line, we at CS Travel have managed to win over the hearts of their customers as they keep coming back, bringing more and more relatives and friends each time. It is not just the best customer service CS Travel prides ourselves upon – we also make sure to provide the best hotel accommodation and deals! We make sure to provide hotels that are not only conducive to our customers’ budgets, but are also comfortable and 4 to 5 stars. This allows our customers to make the most of their holiday, given that many Singaporeans only take holidays 1 to 2 times a year. You only have so much time to spend on a holiday, and our job to make sure that your precious time is not wasted on substandard hotels and lacklustre programs that usually come with affordable tours! That is why we also provide flights with some of the best airlines, such as Qantas, and fun experiences with celebrity tour guides such as Tosh Zhang and Joshua Tan! You can have the most unforgettable holiday and earn the envy of your friends! We also take pride in offering packages that many Singaporeans can afford, as we know the importance of spending some time to have fun and relax before having to go back to work. That is why we make sure to strike a balance between providing you with good deals and good service. It is our belief that the focus of a good travel agency should not be on the price of their packages alone and whether they are providing their customers with the best deals, but also on providing fantastic customer service. Hence we greet each customer with a smile and do our very best to give them a memorable and fun trip. With our emphasis on fantastic customer service, good deals and providing only the best in terms of accommodation and activities, how could you pass up an opportunity to book your next holiday with us? Spend your next holiday with one of our wonderful tour guides and book a package with us now!

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