The Wonder of Bukit Timah Nature Reserve

If you love animals, Bukit Timah Nature Reserve in Singapore is an excellent spot for visitors who want to go a game drive. This park is a real golden addition to this city of many great things. There is a Visitor Centre inside the park that takes time to enlighten visitors on the marvels of nature that they can watch in the park. Technology has made this Reserve very friendly to visitors. You do not need to make enquiries from the help desks. There are touch screen that you can scroll, read and watch all about the park. These screens show you how to explore the ReserveReserve, and it’s a gallery that contains helpful information that helps you prepare for sightseeing. There is literature available in hard copies and online. If you did a little research before the visit, you would discover that there is a bird-watching trail and hiking spots. Prepare well with insect repellants and dress for the off-road trek. The walk is hilly and windy. You have to be strong-willed and adventurous to climb the Bukit Timal Hill that cover 0.16 kilometres. The park has well-paved walking trails that you can follow. The park is well marked with direction in every few metres to keep you on your path. The sights along the routes you take will keep you energised. However, as you enjoy the walk in the park, watch the time and turn back on time. Parks are relatively safe, but tourists are advised not to stay late into the without tour guides. If you are not interested in the long walk, you can book for a game drive and enjoy the sites from the comforts of the van. There are some biking trails if you love cycling. You will like the rides around the park because the paths are well-drawn. When listing for things to do in Singapore as a family, you should have Bukit Timah Nature Reserve as the first stop. Kids will enjoy the pure nature of the forest and the exciting scenery that is so different from the city’s landscape. You can have fun with the nature trails and let them touch the plants as they take photos. Let the young ones attend the workshops that engage them and teach them about wild animals. Kids are curious, but the Nature Keeper Programme at the ReserveReserve will fill them in. These services are accessible online or on the ground when you get to the Visitor Centre.