The Scenic Henderson Waves Bridge

Infrastructure in Singapore is well developed. The Henderson Waves Bridge is an iconic public structure that tourists like to visit. You can take a stroll to the pedestrian bridge that makes it easy to navigate the city on foot. This bridge was put up in 2008 and has attracted photographers from all over the world with its well-designed shape. The bridge resembles a waves, twirling in turbulent waters. You can sit in the secluded resting areas and watch the human traffic pass by or as the take photos. It is a great place to relax in the middle of a city. If you are a fitness enthusiasts, you can jog and play with your kids. This bridge serves so many purposes. It is a like a mini city within the larger city. Singapore is a forward thinking city and it has been applauded for its creativity. At night, the bridge is well lit and safe for taking nocturnal tours. It is surrounded by parks. Tourists can take a bird view of the Kent Ridge Park or Mount Faber Parks. The bridge allows you see beyond the skyline of the city. It is free to access the bridge and you simple have to follow simple instructions, such using the dustbins provide and not climbing on the slabs or rails. The bridge is safe with no speeding vehicles and it is well barricaded hence protecting pedestrians from fatal falls. There are some areas that you can shelter from a harsh weather.