The National Gallery of Singapore

The National Gallery of Singapore is a new addition to the great city. Singapore has added a feather on its cap which is the National Gallery. The centre has the highest collection of contemporary art, from Singapore and Southeast Asia; it has been recognized as the place the past and present have converged. The gallery is located in a historical building that was previously the city council office and a court of law. The structure was not changed, and the great essence is still intact. The art centre is open for visitors. Every visitor that comes to Singapore should make a stopover at the National Gallery to experience the past and the present-day culture that makes Singapore. The gallery is the largest museum in Singapore for showcasing traditions and history of the people of this region. Rich art Singapore and Southeast Asia is known for preserving their heritage; the museum displays about 8000 pieces of beautiful art collection. You will find the best work of famous artists from the 19th Century to the 21st era. The gallery is highly commended for the considerable effort to preserve the customs of their people. You will find big names from Indonesia, Malaysia and Vietnam. The tourist can learn from the tour guide or by joining workshops that are always available at the centre. The exhibitions are also informative as you can speak the curators who have made the pieces and even buy the most exquisite art in this gallery. The National Gallery Singapore is the first inception of its kind. It is a learning place for everyone, both international and local tourists. Several activities take place at the museum, even for students. This is a learning centre that preserves the Singapore traditions and enlightens visitors about the history and present art.