The i Light Singapore Festival

Singapore has the most exciting events all year round. The i Light Singapore festival is a celebration of art concerning lighting sustainability. There is a varied collection of the light fixing technique from the entire world which is displayed in this city. The annual festival, which was created in 2010, brings thousands of visitors to this magical city for the last ten years. The lighting solution on display must be energy efficient. However, it is not all business; there are other fun activities that visitors can enjoy. The 2019 celebrated the Singapore Bicentennial memorial that dates back in the 14th Century when it was named Temasek until a rebirth year when Sir Stamford arrived at the Singapore’s port. The first event was held in Marina Bay, but the venue had to move to Fort Canning Park to accommodate the massive turn out and reach out to the whole city. The i Light Singapore is advertised through the media, with every street saturated with images and billboards of the fanfare. The humming of Singapore River adds to scenic sights of the commemoration. Visitors have many things to discover about the villages located close to the city. There is a vibrant art and well-conserved heritage. Discovering the Art The event for 2019 set new high standards for this festival, but 2020 was set to better, though the festival did not take place due to the worldwide pandemic of Covid-19. The event featured the theme Bridges of Time, which was about closing the gap created by time. The 700-year history of the city was highlighted, achievements showcased, and the sad memories acknowledged. The fete also features an exhibition and workshop that show the pieces from all around the region. Visitors interact with the curators and learn more about the city. You will be amazed by the creativity used in this event. In 2019, the winning masterpiece was the Singapore map model that was hung at The Lawn in Marina Bay. Tourists could not get enough of this brilliant idea created by Dutch artists. The garden was turned in to a gleaming space by the famous designer Lee Yun Qin. The decorations and magical creation of outstanding features have made the festival into the phenomenal it has become over the years. The I Light Singapore celebration attracts great artists who wish to display at the event. In 2019, more than 200 requests came in from other countries. Professional curators want to be part of the most significant art fair in the Asian region. A Talent Show The i Light Singapore brings the best talent to town. However, there are opportunities for upcoming talents who wish to showcase their skills. In 2019, there was an exclusive forum for students and entry-level professionals to display their work. In the same panel, a special recognition award category for the students was introduced. Visitors are encouraged to adopt these environmentally friendly, well-created lighting installations.