The Festival of Lights in Singapore

The Festival of Lights is also known as Diwali or Deepavali. This festival lights up Singapore as the celebration takes place for five days and is a fete of good overcoming the evil. This is a time for giving, and homeowners make their homes look better as feast through the week with family and friends exchanging gifts. Diwali is a celebration for Hindu communities throughout the world, and they pray together to their gods of prosperity. Fun Train As the Hindu community gear up for Diwali, they visit Little India to have a communal celebration, photography and also put up street lights together. The images are usually splashed across media, especially online and the decorations can last up to thirty days after Diwali so that the other communities can be part of these festivities. There is so much to shop during these celebrations. You can buy cultural items from the Hindu community such as the sari, Indian incense and ornaments. It is a great time to experience this exotic culture, share their meals and get the popular henna tattoos. The best part is the dance and music. Join the Excitement Do not be left out. Diwali is a time for giving and sharing. The Indian community is generous and warm towards visitors. There is a fun parade that takes place known as the Silver Chariot march where the community draws a horse carriage carrying a carving of their goddess Sri Drowpathai Amman through the town. This is an age-old practice in Singapore, and the natives always look forward to it. You will so much as you interact with the joyous crowds. The Theemithi ceremony is another event that takes place seven days to the Diwali. This is a significant ritual where men walk on burning charcoal to honour their goddess.