The Famous Night Safari of the Singapore

The Night Safari welcomes the night on a high note. When the sun sets, there is still so much to look forward to in the darkness. The Zoo is open for viewing animals of the night. The Night Safari was incepted 16 years ago, a first of its kind. It is precisely for nocturnal tours for tourists who wish to see animals that cannot be seen during the day. The park has many types of inhabitants comprising of rarely seen creatures. The park has over 130 types of animals. It is fun once your eyes get used to the night and you can see the animals. The population is about 25000 animals that have been living here for many years. Some of the exciting animals are the Malayan tigers and Asian elephants. The park covers about 35 hectares with thick vegetation that makes a habitat for many animals that include leopards and deer. The tours come with an exploratory and informative documentary that tells all bout the seven nocturnal animal habitats that cover the Himalayan Foothills and go all the way to the rain forests of West Africa. Some well-paved walking trails give you a better view of the animals. One of the trails is the Fishing Cat Trail and the Leopard Trail; both paths bring you face to face with the widest variety nocturnal creatures you can find in Asia. As you enjoy the Night Safari, be aware of animals that will cross your path from time to time. The trails are safe, but the animals are active in the darkness giving you a closer sight of these creatures as you walk on. This park’s Zoo experiences are different, especially for tourists who love the adventures of the night. The Night Safari is a marvel that you should not in Singapore.