The Buddha Tooth Relic Temple & Museum

If you visit the China town district, you cannot miss the landmark, the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple & Museum. It is famous for its acoustic design that houses the best of Buddha art collection that carries over a century of the Buddha culture. Since its inception in 2007, its name has been of interest to many visitors. There is a canine tooth of the Budhha reserved in the Temple. That’s how the Temple got its name. Tang Style The Temple borrows a lot from the construction ideas of the Tang Dynasty. It cost more than $75 million to put up this structure created by Chief Abbot Venerable Shi Fa Zhao. The design is regarded highly in the Buddhist community because it is seen as a highlight of their culture. The Budhha Tooth Relic Temple & Museum is home to the most treasured of Buddhist culture. Many Buddhist collections are displayed in this Temple. The Buddha Tooth relic is shaped like a stupa and weighs over 3,500 kilograms; about ten per cent of this is gold, offered by the Buddha followers. There is a gallery where the tourists can view this structure because the inside walls of the relic are only accessible to the monks. The facility has other areas of interest that include the famous Eminent Sangha Museum, where one can watch films or even theatre performances. This is the world’s most quiet place where you can relax in the hidden gardens and enjoy solitude in peace. Story of Buddhism The story began with Shakyamuni Buddha, who discovered the most potent ability of the inner person, making it possible to explore one’s understanding and empathy. This was over 25000 years ago.

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