Tech Savvy Singapore

Most people do not want to off-grid, even on holiday. Singapore has a high internet access throughout the city save for occasional trips that you may take in the remote parks. There are various options that you can use to stay connected to the internet during your stay. Internet Bundles Once you land in Singapore, you can buy a local mobile prepaid SIM card and have it inserted in your phone. This will enable you to make calls, buy internet packages on your phone and send messages. There are several service provider in the telecom industry. A simple research will help you pick one that suits your needs best. You can easily buy a SIM card in authorised shops that are found in every street of the city and even at Singapore Changi Airport, but you will be asked to register the SIM card using your passport. Pocket WiFi If you do not want but a SIM card, you can still use your cellphone with a local pocket WiFi gadget. This is an excellent option if you’re going to connect your laptop as well, or for a family that has to share the WiFi. Interestingly, you can hire these devices at the Changi Airport and hand them back as you board the flight back home. If you do not want to go through the process of searching for the pocket wiFi gadget, there are some shops online shops that can have it delivered to you, and when you are done, they will pick it from you. Some of them have an agreement with hotels hence making it convenient for you. Free WiFi WiFi is available even at the student hostels and affordable accommodation spaces. When visiting the museums and malls, you can use the Wireless @SG, the most common WiFi provider in public areas. The registration details are provided at entry points, or you can look out for a poster on the wall. It is an easy process to follow, and the terms and conditions are provided before you connect. However, to access this service, you must have a local SIM card. Changi Airport has WiFi throughout the property, and you can get more information from the help desk. This is the case for malls around the city. You will get WiFi access in every eatery, shop or space in the mall that you walk in to. However, you have to use local SIM cards in all these public hotspots. Technology is quite advanced in Singapore, and the 2G network can longer work here. You ought to have 3G, or 4G networks enabled cell phone. These SIM cards are available in Singapore, so if you buy a local card, then you will automatically get back on the grid. If your existing operator does not support 3G or 4G roaming, be sure to purchase a prepaid SIM card on arrival so you can be instantly connected.