Marina Bay New Year Countdown

Singapore community loves celebrations and ushering a new year is an elaborate affair. The streets are full of joyous crowds singing and feasting as the sky lights up with fireworks. The Marina Bay has the most memorable New Year Celebration that is unforgettable throughout the year. Many people love the nightlife of the city and enjoy the various activities that the locals enjoy as they go merry. Lighting up the City The lights are displayed all over the city, including private homes and public buildings. The fireworks are the highlights of these annual events, as the local make a countdown to the New Year. There are some significant events organized to celebrate this time of the year which mostly musical performances accompanied by the firework. The best sight is the city’s famous building which is decorated with lights that brighten the night like sunshine. The artfully done lights makes Singapore a city of festivities. The locals are in a celebratory mood and keep the night alive till dawn. It is an excellent experience for visitors who want to start a new year on a high note. Celebration for all The Singapore party mode is for everyone with entertainment for both the young and the old; you can spot clowns on the streets, and musicians playing their instrument at selected venues. International artists visit Singapore at this time of the year. It is fun to watch the city’s contortionist in their act and the parade of motorcyclists. There is a feast on New Year’s Eve at the Bayfront Event Space. You can enjoy the performances as you eat the local cuisines in one of the eateries. It is a time to enjoy every minute as the locals gear up for the New Year. Every end year, the best talents entertain the Singapore people. When visiting, you will be surprised to find your favourite band or artists on stage. There are free events, and if you cannot find one that is not for free tickets, complimentary tickets are available. The strength of music is felt as everyone dance to the best celebration beats. These are mostly on stage live performances that are customized for that particular year. When planning to visit Singapore, you can get information before-hand online. There is a Singapore app that has all the maps, exciting places to visit and a brief history of the city.