International Champions Cup Singapore

It is unfortunate that the International Champions Cup Singapore will not take place in 2020 due to COVID-19 pandemic. However, looking back at the evet that took place in 2019, fans and visitors can always look forward to thrill of football at the International Champions. This is an event that takes place only once a year and it is worth marking on your calendar as major teams converge for sports gala. Some of the big names present in 2019 include Juventus, Intermilan and Manchester United. This event attracts thousands of football enthusiasts to cheer on their favourite teams as they battled for the best recognition. This is an action packed events that start on high note and ends at a higher note. Football supporters witnessed the fight of the titans as Milan was pushed out by Manchester United in 1-0 score. The Thrill of the Game The thrill was beyond expectation as the fanatics cheered on their teams. Singapore city natives love football and their passion for the game is contagious. You will be immersed in the football as well other fun activities such watching live music, online games and if you love shopping, there is so much football merchandise available. All the football starts are here and available to sign autographs and take Instagram shots with them. The stadium has dedicated area where the adored footballers can interact with their supporters or even play a match among themselves. If you wish to visit Singapore and experience the International Championships, you can book online or use apps that help you learn about this city. Football is an all-time fun-game, but in Singapore, it is enthralling.