Discovering little India

Little India has come a long way from the age of ranchers to the modern city space it is today. The heritage of this district rich and some of the ancient shops are still standing. The contemporary businesses borrow a lot from the past years. For instance the restaurants still serve the local cuisines whose recipe has been passed over through generations. Beautiful Past The story starts in the mid-19th Century when foreigners from Europe lived here because of the racing track where they socialised. Cattle rearing, trading and other issues relating to the ranches was handled by the Indians workers who had come looking for better opportunities in Singapore. This is the population that brought the Indian culture here. Little India has grown over the years, with a rich Indian culture as well as Chines. This district has become a great source of pride for this as a source of history and new traditions.  Visitors enjoy buying ethnic pieces such as the sari from India and trying new foods. There is so much you can pick from the stores and take home with you. Interacting with the local communities will give you an insight of a well-connected place that takes pride in its heritage. If you want experience celebrations, make a date to visit Little India during Diwali. The festivities are a force to reckon with.